House Dishes

Different types of grilled or battered meats, accompanied by french fries and salad

Grilled beef Steak

Grilled beef steak From the Sierra de Guadarrama accompanied by salad and fried potatoes

Price: 9,25€

Pork tenderloin Ribbon

Ribbon of marinated pork loin accompanied by fried eggs and french fries

Price: 9,50€

Breaded Chicken

Breaded chicken with salad and french fries

Price: 9,00€

Entrecote 250gr

Ripened beef entrecote with salad and french fries

Price: 14,50€

Grilled Emperor

Grilled emperor fish with salad

Price: 10,90€

 Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken hindquarter with salad and french fries

Price: 9,90€

 Patty Veal

Breaded veal from the Sierra de Guadarrama, accompanied by salad and french fries

Price: 9,25€


Veal beef from the Sierra de Guadarrama lightly breaded and baked with tomato, mozzarella and ham

Price: 10,50€

Fried eggs with Picadillo

Fried eggs on a bed of picadillo Soriano and french fries

Price: 9,95€

Scrambled eggs with Iberian cured ham

Scrambled eggs on fried potatoes and covered with Iberian cured ham

Price: 10,95€