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Different types of starters to share: nuggets, chicken wings, croquettes, onion rings …


Healthy and fresh salads to start your meal, excellent to take care of the line and stay in shape

pizza toscana(1)

Asturian Cachopo

Traditional Iberian ham and melted cheese cachopo

pizza toscana(1)

Artisan Pizzas

We make the dough daily using 100% best quality natural ingredients


Gourmet Burguers

100% beef tenderloin burgers of 250-500 gr homemade, served with a very special dressing

Hot Dogs

Our hot dogs are not the same because we make them with 100% natural products



Two slices of sliced ​​bread, between which we place our chicken, cheese, vegetables or other 100% natural seasonings



Baguettes made with our special bread and with our 100% natural ingredients

Italian Corner

Different types of Italian dishes: spaghetti, fettuccine, tortellini…


From the Garden

Products just brought from the garden. Healthy, natural and light loaded with nutrients: zucchini, peppers, onions…

House dishes

House dishes made in the Josper oven, grilled or battered: entrecote, breaded chicken fillet…



Homemade desserts La Coleta

March 1, 2024

To start…

Crispy goat cheese salad with tomato jam
Cod and spinach lasagna
Zucchini cream with cheese

To continue…

Iberian pork secret with fries
Grilled squid tube with seasoned potatoes
Chicken dürüm with potatoes

To finish…

Chocolate brownie

1 first 10,50€ /  1 second dish 11,50€ / 2 second dish 16€

Menu 13,95€

With drink and dessert at the restaurant


Pizzería Tres Cantos

Sector Músicos, 15. TEL: 91 803 64 22, Tres Cantos 28760, Madrid. FREE DELIVERY

Pizzería Tres Cantos

Mar del Norte, 3. TEL: 91 804 79 51, Tres Cantos 28760, Madrid. NO HOME DELIVERY